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Signed, Sealed, Delivered. 901

Gelydh's Random Blog

This is my new story!
Winter By Can
Please read this post thoroughly as this post holds important information.

I create what I feel that I need, or what I think the public might like. I do NOT take requests in what to create. I am EXTREMELY lazy when taking pictures, do not leave a bad comment on my post about insufficient pictures, they will be deleted. I also tend to leave smart remarks, or some what "Rude" responses. That's just how I am don't like it, then oh well. I create for me and put it up and see if anyone else likes, don't get in your head that I'm making this for you, because I'm not.

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Please upload to your own host, link it to: http://geldyh.livejournal.com/

Enjoy my creations...

Back to business (Mini Update & Project Listing)
Dark Blood By Can
Yeah I'm back for now. Been busy and shit. I know I have ALOT of notifications, as I'm sitting here typing this. I see "48" notifications. 

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Winter By Can
I'm on Twitter, get updates. Like personal life shit, O_O chance to watch me create or play a game that you love. Also a chance to chat with me live ;3 voice chat. Join me here.


[TS3[ Beauty Marks V1
I feel so good this morning. I think today will be a good day for me. New download, I love having beauty marks on my Sims now for some odd reason, gives more depth to pudgy faces. This is version 1. I have like, 30 versions already made, but I am not about to upload all 30 today. Hell no. Enjoy these, and my freckles are coming at the end of the day, along with some new eyes and a new retexture (Highly doubtful on the retexture). Enough blabbering, ENJOY!!!!

Credit: Me.
Gender: Male & Female
Ages: All ages.
Patch tested with: 10.0.96
Side Selection: Yes, A & B.

[TS3] Newsea Soledad Retexture
Winter By Can
Finally got off my lazy ass, and uploaded this bitch. Did this retexture the first day the hair came out, just been lazy at taking pictures. Been doing extravagant things. Barely have time for Sims things again :P.

Take A Peep At The Control Texture...Collapse )

[TS2] Beauty Marks V1
Winter By Can
Told you it'll be on by the end of the day. Firstly, I would like to state that. SOPA & PIPA are totally un-necessary bills. It's giving them the right to tell us when to/not write on the cyber-space. Stop SOPA & PIPA. We have the right in the United States. The Land of The Free, to do say whatever we want on the internet.

On to the download, this is some Sims 2 Beauty Marks I had lying around. Here You go. Enjoy.

*All ages & Genders.

[TS2] WIP Beauty Marks V1
Winter By Can
Working on this for Sims 2, bored of Sims 3 (Still working on my story on S3 though). These will be out by today, since It only takes 1 minute for my game to load. So keep a look out. I might also post this to "Mod The Sims. 


Beautiful Scars Sims Comic Poster! LEAKED ~~
Distressed By ???

[TS3] Newsea Grantz RETEXTURE

So early and another download. Insomnia is really kicking my ass tonight. I have more free time now so expect more downloads to come. I like how this re-texture came out. The textures are mixed with mine and pooklet's. The control map was pretty much rushed, it still came out good though. Added some music to the page. It gets boring coming to a sound-less page in my opinion.

Credit: Pooklet, Newsea, & Me
Gender: Male
Ages: Teen - Elder
Texture Replacment: Yes
Non-Replacment Texture: No
Patch tested with: 10.0.96
Original needed? Yep, available here.

Take a peek, at the control texture...Collapse )

Download at Simscave    

[TS3] Still Standing CONTACTS
Winter By Can
Sorry for no reply, busy with holiday mess. Recently got back with my ex, I'm so happy these days. Anyway, on to the download. I decided to name it as the song, since I had the song on repeat painting this crap. Working on putting my Sims up for download.

I am lasy as FAWK when taking pictures, don't like it don't download it.

Ages: Toddler - Elder
Gender: Female & Male
Category: Costume Makeup (Will make it for other categories, by request).
Texture Credit: Hand Painted
Package or S3Package: .package